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Living with Birds Birds of Prey Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

For owls and birds of prey

As availability of natural nesting sites dwindles, owls are increasingly reliant on these specially-designed boxes by world leader Schwegler. There's also a choice of boxes and baskets to attract jackdaws, kites, kestrels and other larger birds of prey.

No. 28 Kestrel Box
Birds Of Prey R1
Kestrel Nest Box 2TF
Birds Of Prey R2
Nesting Basket 70cm
Birds Of Prey R3
Barn Owl & Kestrel Box No. 23
Birds Of Prey R4
Nesting Basket 40cm
Birds Of Prey R5
Nest Box 1FNA
Birds Of Prey R6
Nest Box 1BFN
Birds Of Prey R7
Nest Box 1CGA
Birds Of Prey R8
Built-in Multi-System
Birds Of Prey R9
Owl Box No. 4
Birds Of Prey R10
Owl Box No. 5
Birds Of Prey R11
Little Owl Box No. 20
Birds Of Prey R12
Little Owl Box No. 20A
Birds Of Prey R13
Little Owl Box No. 20B
Birds Of Prey R14
Little Owl Box No. 21
Birds Of Prey R15
Little Owl Box No. 22
Birds Of Prey R16

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Living with Birds

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