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Living with Birds Flat Bat Colony Box 3FF Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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BSA Approved

Flat Bat Colony Box 3FF

Ideal for soprano, pipistrelle bats with additional larger bats

In order to satisfy current practical requirements (self-cleaning, universal use and easy inspection), the new self-cleaning 3FF bat box has been developed with two product options. (with inspection hatch and without inspection hatch).

Bat species that tend to roost in caves require larger hangins space so this bat box is ideal, at the same time it is possible to move between hanging zones internally, to adjust to weather induced changes. Depending on the temperature the animals can vary in the height in which they hang, and in cold weather they move closer together and on hot days there is sufficient space for the mto spread themselves. 

The 3FF also provides sufficient space for larger groups of female bats which convene in nursury roosts. if inspections are necessary it is recommened to purchase the model with the inspection hatch.

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  • flat-bat-colony-box-3ff
  • flat-bat-colony-box-3ff
  • Self-cleaning, droppings fall out the underneath hatch
  • Ideal for soprano, pipistrelle bats with additional larger bats
  • Constructed with breathable Woodcrete
  • Backed by a 25 year guarantee
  • Comes in 2 models (with inspection hatch/without inspection hatch)
  • Supplied with hanger and aluminium nail


Dimensions: 270W x 430H x 200D mm.

Weight: 9.5kg.

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