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Living with Birds Mixed Corn Extra Table & Ground Feeding Food

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Mixed Corn Extra

A traditional blend updated

Domestic fowl have been fed for centuries on a diet of maize and wheat; Mixed Corn Extra updates this proven, traditional mixture by adding sunflower hearts to increase the oil and calorie content.

This economical high-energy food can be scattered on the ground or used in a seed hopper to feed ducks and geese, pheasants, partridges, pigeons and doves. Chickens and bantams will love it too.

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Mixed Corn Extra
  • Mixed Corn Extra
  • Exceptionally high energy values
  • Ideal all year round, with little or no wastage
  • Contains no 'make-weight' fillers or unsuitable seeds


Note that none of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.

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