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Living with Birds Birdfood Blends

Special Mix™. It's all about your birds.

Special Mix™ wild bird food squeezes more calories into each kilo. And that makes the difference in the cold, dark days when every hour spent foraging has to count.

Every ingredient in Special Mix™ has to earn its keep, with no room for make-weights like wheat. Here are two of our food heroes:

Shiny and thin-skinned, black sunflower seeds are loaded with 20g of carbohydrate, 20g of protein and 50g of fat in every 100g. We don't stint on including lots of these prized but pricy seeds in every bag. Stripped of their husks they're even easier for birds to handle, while leaving no mess underneath your feeder.

One of the most valuable sources of nutrition out there, peanut granules offer 20g of carbs, a body-building 25g protein and almost 50g of fat per 100g. Included in Special Mix™ in peck-sized granular form, they're easy for adults and younger birds to manage.

Special Mix™ Original
Birdfood Blends R1
Special Mix™ 50:50
Birdfood Blends R2
Special Mix™ Husk Free
Birdfood Blends R3
Special Mix™ Highest Energy
Birdfood Blends R4
Special Mix™ Highest Protein
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