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Living with Birds Window Feeders

Ready for your close-up

Every window's a potential observation point. These cleverly designed feeders bring the action closer with a fascinating close-up view of birds as they feed. Fill them with seeds, suet, mealworms – or just about anything that birds love. Then settle back and enjoy the show from the best seats in the house. You’ll be amazed how much you can pick up about birds and their habit by observing them at close quarters.

BasketBall™ Window Feeder
Window Feeders R1
I Love Robins® Window Feeder
Window Feeders R2
The Observer™
Window Feeders R3
Bird Lovers™ Window Feeders
Window Feeders R4
I Love Robins® Treat Tray & Canopy
Window Feeders R5
Porthole Window Feeder
Window Feeders R6
National Trust Window Feeder
Window Feeders R7
Flutter Butter® Window Feeder
Window Feeders R8
Droll Yankees® W-1 Window Feeder
Window Feeders R9

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Living with Birds

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