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Living with Birds Ring-Pull™ Tubular Feeder

The easy clean birdfeeder

A hygienic feeder means healthier birds. Revolutionary Ring-Pull™ is incredibly easy to clean, saving precious time and effort every time you refill. Just twist off the base and pull the pin. Every single part of Ring-Pull™ comes apart in seconds, a unique trick that no other feeder can match.

With models for seeds, peanuts or niger, you'll find the perfect Ring-Pull™ feeder for your garden. And if you're looking for ultimate durability, also consider our tough metal Ring-Pull™ PRO models that brave squirrels and years of harsh winter weather.

For Seed
Ring Pull R1
For Peanuts
Ring Pull R2
For Niger
Ring Pull R3
Seed Tray
The One™ R4
Ring-Pull™ Perch Rings
The One™ R5
The One™ R6

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Living with Birds

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