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Living with Birds Peanut Feeder Ring-Pull™ Tubular Feeder

Ring-Pull™ Peanut Feeder

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Offer peanuts safely with this easy-clean feeder

Peanuts are a popular choice with many garden bird species, including rarer visitors like woodpeckers and nutchathes.

Specially designed for offering nuts safely and hygienically, this high quality Ring-Pull™ feeder is brilliantly easy to clean - and every single part can be replaced in moments with no tools needed.

For a quick clean each time you refill, the twist-off base removes in an instant to let uneaten food debris escape.

Ring-Pull™ Peanut Feeder can be hung or mounted on our Garden Pole. For complete peace of mind it’s covered by our two year warranty.

Add to Basket
    • No tools needed - you'll never need the screwdriver
    • Forever New™
    • Add seed tray/squirrel guard - Compatible with all our accessories
    • Owners Guide - Packed with useful tips on filling, siting and cleaning
    • Two year warranty - For valuable extra peace of mind
    • Won't crack or fade in sunlight - Styled in tough metal mesh and ABS

Quick Clean - Twist off base lets uneaten husks and seeds escape 

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