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Living with Birds Ring-Pull™ PRO Tubular Feeder

The tough metal feeder that's made to last

The quality's clear: beautifully designed Ring-Pull™ PRO outlasts other feeders. Backed by the reassurance of our Lifetime Guarantee, it features chunky metal components that resist squirrel attacks and harsh winter weather... year in and year out.

Hygiene's a breeze with our unique Ring-Pull™ easy clean technology. Just twist the base and pull the pin to separate all feeder parts for an instant scrub-up - keep birds healthy while saving you precious time.

For Seed
Ring Pull Pro R1
For Peanuts
Ring Pull Pro R2
For Niger
Ring Pull Pro R3
Seed Tray
Ring Pull Pro R4
Ring-Pull™ Perch Rings
Ring Pull Pro R5
Ring Pull Pro R6

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Living with Birds

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