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Ring-Pull™ Feeders


Clean is good. Lift feeder lid, then pull the metal centre pin to remove lower ports and feeder base. Pull pin further to remove upper ports if required. Clean feeder tube, seed ports and base using warm soapy water or recommended hygiene products like Ark-Klens or Tamodine-E. Rinse thoroughly and reassemble when dry.


The patent applied design features rustproof all-metal fittings, plus a UV-stabilised polycarbonate tube that won't discolour in sunlight. Available in Original Green and fresh new Mint, it's backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. 


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  • Innovative tubular feeder - patent applied design
  • Ideal for mixed seeds
  • Pull the pin: feeder comes apart in seconds for easy cleaning
  • Tough construction with rustproof all-metal fittings and UV-stabilised polycarbonate tube

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